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About Us

About Us


AnyQuip is Canada's peer-to-peer equipment sales and rental marketplace that gets under-utilized heavy equipment to work in every industry. Companies connect to rent, rent to purchase, buy or sell direct from other companies over our secure platform. Owners can earn revenue on their idle equipment, and renters can find exactly the equipment they need for less.

Founded by three veteran Albertan entrepreneurs, we're rooted in the prairies and have the wins and scars from our volatile economy to prove it. We're building the largest selection of every make, model of equipment in any industry, in Western Canada and beyond.

Looking for financing options? We are Private Sale Specialists

We can help. We'll connect you with our partners in finance to match your specific needs. Contact us at 403 454 6900 for more info. Want to try before you buy? Many of our equipment listers offer rent to purchase and are flexible to negotiate their rates.

Sample Listings

AnyQuip is free to Join. Looking to rent? Click any listing below to make a request.

AnyQuip stands behind the companies that are driving the resource economies of our country.

We Champion all brands in every industry.

We know you have your favourites, but we let all makes and models play in our sandbox. If it performs on the job, we help put it to work. That's part of what makes us Canada's unbiased and largest source of heavy equipment rentals.

We are independent.

We cater to hardworking companies of all sizes that work every day to drive our economy. We want to help all members free up their capital, build revenue, save $, and become more profitable.

We are trusted.

We get it because we're owners too. Equipment is valuable and we provide the support and security to make sure you're protected with all legal, insurance, payments, or dispute resolution you need.

We are allergic to average.

Combining the innovation of technology with decades of industry insights, we aim to deliver the best rental experience, business tools, and industry knowledge, to elevate your business.

We are proud to be a part of

Nursery Trade Associationarhca

The AnyQuip 'Shop Rules' for Members

The AnyQuip community is a group of liberated, driven, and resourceful changemakers who believe in optimizing their equipment and bettering their bottom line. Because of that we all abide by a set of Shop Rules:


Respect Members time.

Give no less than 48 hour notice on changes to a rental contract Accept or decline a rental request as soon as you get it. We're all busy...just respond. Show up on time for any scheduled inspections or deliveries.



Would you talk to your Grandfather that way? This is a business him proud and communicate with other members politely.


Integrity, Be your word.

Our community is accountable to our agreements, contracts and the way we conduct business. Don't be a tire kicker.


Be honest.

Call it the Golden Rule or call it Karma, but it all catches up to you if you're not, and we'd rather not see what Karma's payback looks like in a 80,000 lb dozer.


Pride, Own it.

Take pride in the way you operate and maintain equipment. Whether you own it, or not, it's a small world and how you treat your equipment and others will catch up to you. Plus, you know what they say about a guy with a dirty truck...