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How do I become a member?

Simply, securely, and for free. AnyQuip is a trusted community that requires you to first sign up with your basic company information. An AnyQuip representative will then contact you to personally verify your details and eligibility. AnyQuip reserves the right to decline membership for any reason.

How does it work?

As a verified renter of equipment, you can conveniently search and request equipment from your mobile or desktop computer based upon your preferences such as distance, dry or with operator, and any required attachments. Once the rental request is accepted, you and the equipment owner enter into a binding agreement that includes insurance, payment terms, and conditions of use. As a verified owner of equipment, you can upload equipment onto the site using your mobile phone, set the availability, rental rates, operator and transportation options, and begin accepting rental requests. A pre and post-rental inspection of the equipment is required by both parties and when the transaction is complete, payment is processed securely and directly to the owner through the AnyQuip site.

Does it cost to list my equipment?

There is no charge to create an account or to list your equipment on AnyQuip. If you like, you can try us out a few times on a trial membership - we charge a 10% processing fee for each rental transaction. However, if you're looking to rent (or rent out) frequently, it makes more sense to join as a Partner, Pro or Enterprise with a low monthly subscription fee, and no transaction fee per rental. We've recently changed our model as a direct result of feedback from our members. It keeps more revenue in the pockets of the equipment owners, and cuts the rental price down for the renter. Want more information? Give us a call and we'll run through all the details!

How do equipment owners get paid?

As part of verifying your membership, AnyQuip will obtain your credit card and/or banking information. AnyQuip transfers funds from the renter to the owner through a secure payment portal. After a contract is completed and both parties have signed off on the post-rental inspection, payment is processed automatically and a receipt is stored in your member profile. Owners receive payment within 48 hours from the end of the rental via EFT or cheque. For longer term rentals, owners are paid bi-weekly. 

Who sets the price of the equipment rental?

The price is set by the equipment owner and divided into daily, weekly, or monthly rates. For owners we provide a comparable rental rate for their location to get started and suggest offering it to renters to maximize their profits and still stay competitive. Don't worry owners, this price will still earn you up to 40% on your equipment cost of ownership because you don't have to worry about operating a traditional brick and mortar rental company and you offer the the renter the same, if not better, benefits.

What if my equipment is damaged?

All members must provide the appropriate certificate of insurance to ensure they can cover any damages or loss incurred to equipment. The responsibility lies with the renter’s insurance to cover any damage, loss, or theft to the equipment outside of normal wear. AnyQuip offers a dispute resolution process if a situation requires further assistance.

What if I need to cancel a rental?

We understand things change. Our terms and conditions state that both owners and renters give each other at least 48 hours notice for any changes to a contract. If deemed appropriate, compensation will be applied to represent the changes made by either party.

What if I want to extend a rental?

Send a message to the owner through your profile to request an extension to your rental agreement and complete an amended contract.

Do you have a rewards program?

We are always welcoming new qualified renters and owners to our community. As a thank you, we have rewards for both equipment owners and renters that join the AnyQuip platform. Email to learn more.

Who is behind AnyQuip?

AnyQuip is a Canadian company co-founded by a contractor (our CEO, Steve Skiba) who grew tired of looking at idle equipment in his yard, and wanted to expand his network within civil construction to other industries where his equipment could be further utilized. One of his best pals, a serial tech startup entrepreneur (our CTO and co-founder, Clark Johannson) integrated Steve’s idea within a robust platform based on best practices in the sharing economy, and tailored it for the unique conditions in equipment rentals where technology can really shine. In need of some tight marketing strategy and some serious window dressing, Steve and Clark brought in Jen Lussier (our CMO) to round out the founding team.