How it works

Let's get our equipment to work.


You don’t rent a $1M piece of equipment out to just anybody.

That’s why we don’t let just anyone become an AnyQuip member.

The AnyQuip community is built on membership trust and integrity. As a result, we thoroughly screen and vet members that want to participate in our rental marketplace.

After you request a membership, an AnyQuip team member will contact you to walk through the eligibility process. You’ll be asked to qualify your corporate details, verification of insurance coverage, equipment conditions of use, and payment ability.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive our welcome email with your login information and a Get Started Guide to start renting equipment from, or to other qualified members.

AnyQuip provides the structure for your rental process.

Looking for a piece of equipment?


Search, sort, and filter through thousands of types of equipment with your own preferences such as distance from you, size class, attachments, operated or dry, and transport options.


Contact the equipment owner with the details of your request. Once your rental request is accepted, you and the owner use AnyQuip Messenger to arrange additional details regarding the contract.

Confirm and Inspect

Upload your insurance, verify your payment details and you’re ready to rent. Pre-inspection is documented using your smartphone and signed off by both both parties.

Get On Rent Support

During your rental, you can notify the equipment owner concerning items such as technical questions, rental extensions, or service issues. Want to reference the equipment's latest service documents? You can access all the details of your rental as you need them.

Want to rent out your idle equipment?

Add Equipment

Easily and accurately list your equipment from your desktop or your phone by choosing from our extensive database containing over 94,000 models of equipment.

Take photos from your phone, add any additional specifications and Bob's your uncle!  Your equipment will now be confirmed and available for rent under the Find Equipment search listings.

Manage your fleet with AnyQuip

View all of your equipment at a glance and update your listings for high searchability. Having a complete profile will simplify future transactions and questions from renting members. Begin by setting your rental price for the equipment model and location using our custom rate builder.

Don't want anyone else operating your equipment?

No problem - specify your preferences for renting with or without your operator. Same goes for transport - set your listing with this specification so other members know whether you'll provide it or not. You also set all your own overage, cleaning, repair and refueling rates which are automatically added to the contract when a member rents from you.

Accept and Manage Rental Requests

Watch for alerts of incoming rental requests. Like you, our members are busy and want to know right away if they can rent your equipment. It’s ok if you need it for your own job, simply hit Decline Request. Members can message back and forth prior to accepting rentals, and can edit any pricing and rates, and add in quotes for operators and transport on the fly. To accept the request, confirm any additional details and finalize your offer by accepting the contract. All details are tracked and managed on the platform so you can check contract, payment and insurance at any time.

Rate your experience

Once the equipment is returned and both the owner and renter have performed the AnyQuip Post-rental Inspection, both parties rate the rental experience. We insist on this quick and simple step as it maintains the integrity of our community, rewards the good guys, and keeps our members trusting in the process. Think of it as the AnyQuip Equipment Golden Rule: Do onto other's equipment as you would your own, and then tell everyone about it!

Problems with your rental experience?

Don’t worry, we have a dispute resolution process for that. All of your transaction data, including messaging, contracts, and billing is archived on AnyQuip for your future reference. When required, AnyQuip will provide an unbiased Member Representative and third-party service providers to assist you in resolving your concern and getting you and your equipment back to work.