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Generate revenue by renting out your idle heavy equipment

Own idle equipment? Connect with contractors near you looking to rent it.

If you have any questions or concerns,
talk to one of our rental experts Call 1 855 454 6900

How AnyQuip Makes You Money

  • contractor

    Connect with Businesses looking to Rent Equipment in Your Area

    Contractors across Canada are looking for equipment like yours. Using AnyQuip, you can connect to companies close to you who need equipment, so you can rent it out easily and at a profit.

  • Security

    Securing Your Equipment

    We make sure your equipment is protected as much as possible against any damages. Contracts that outline usage and all overage charges, insurance verification and mandatory pre and post inspection approved by both parties goes a long way to a secure rental transaction. Owners and renters also rate each other and those with higher ratings appear higher in search.

  • paying

    Paying You for Your Equipment’s Hard Work

    Once the rental is contract is confirmed we secure payment from the renter and hold it for the duration of the rental as collateral on your behalf. As soon as the rental is complete we’ll send you payment by EFT or cheque. AnyQuip only takes 10% of the rental price.

How Do I Rent Out My Equipment on AnyQuip


Sign Up. It’s Free.

Signing up is simple, fast, and free. Simply input your contact information in the form below. We screen all members to ensure they are reputable businesses and have the ability to provide insurance. Once you’re a member you have full access to the membership site.

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Post Your Equipment, or Let us List it for You

Once you are a member you can list your equipment and set your rental rates completely for free. Or if you would like, simply send us a list of your equipment with the make/model/year and we will create the postings for you. Before it is visible to members we will send you our recommended rental rates. With your approval we’ll publish and post the listings, and you’ll be ready to start renting out.


Connect With the Renter

We find renters in your area who are looking for equipment like yours. We provide free advertising for your listing through extensive digital advertising, email marketing, social media posts, and print advertisments to both members and non-members to insure your listing gets seen. Remember, we don’t make money until you do.

Renters with access to our site can see all available equipment in their area. Once a renter selects your equipment, an email is sent to you notify you. You simply log back into the site to enter into a chat with the renter. There you can negotiate prices, operators, transportation, or anything else necessary to finalize the rental.


Secure Your Equipment

Making sure you equipment is secure is the most important part of our job. Before any rental transactions occur the renter must post a certificate of insurance that can cover any damage or loss of the equipment. If you’d like you can ask for a secure deposit.

Equipment must also go through a through pre and post inspection by both owner and renter, where meter readings, fuel levels, and pictures of the equipment are uploaded to the site. This can be done through your phone, and allows any potential damage to be tracked.

After the rental is complete you can then rate the renter. If you found they didn’t treat your equipment in a way you’d like you can give them a poor review so others know to avoid them. AnyQuip monitors all activity on the site and gets involved with ratings lower than 7.5.

This is a subject that we get a lot of questions about, and encourage you to call us at 1-855-454-6900 if you have any concerns.


Get Paid

Payment is sent to AnyQuip as soon as the rental begins. We hold the payment for the duration of the rental on your behalf, and once the rental transaction is complete and the post inspection is signed off, we send you the money. Payment can be received via Electronic Fund Transfer or cheque. To learn more about payments on longer periods of rental call 1-855-454-6900.

Still Have Questions? Call Us at   1 855 454 6900

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